Marvel/Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ trailer: Is there more, or less, than meets the eye?

NETFLIX has now released two trailers for its forthcoming show “Jessica Jones,” and the title character has still received less face-time than her clock.

It’s a sly ploy that has put the “tease” in teaser trailer. Now, we get a second trailer (“Nightcap”) that’s nearly a minute, and we still don’t even get action. All is aftermath, as Jessica (Krysten Ritter) steps around the writhing, bloody man-slugs of the fallen as if they’re mere salted insects.

Following in the nimble footsteps of Marvel/Netflix’s hit “Daredevil,” this is Jessica’s Hells Kitchen now, and we await Luke Cage, Kilgrave and Harper.

For now, though, ahead of the series’s Nov. 20 debut, we offer immediate impressions of the footage we’ve been given, so teasing and yet somehow pleasing:

MICHAEL CAVNA: So, what most strikes you about the trailer, good or bad?

DAVID BETANCOURT: What strikes me most is how little they’ve shown, considering how much interest there is. No action. No dialogue. Both trailers — including the first international one — have relied on classic songs and are super-quick. With Daredevil’s first looks, fans got a whole lot to dive into. But Marvel had to do that because they had to assure people Daredevil was in good hands. Now we know Marvel knows what it’s doing with Netflix and making us wait and see.

MC: I’m struck, too, by how much this is nearly the opposite of a new “Supergirl” trailer — instead of a bright smile and earnest eyes glowing front and center, we are denied even a glimpse of her face. This is a power move as strong as Jessica herself. Instead, we get bloody dukes, a kicking juke and kickass boots. From long shot to whiskey shot, this is one big wallop of shadowy swagger.

So, between her alarm-clock smash and her slain-saloon bash, what can we tell about Netflix’s JJ so far?…

DB: She’s not Daredevil. That’s for sure. DD was about double lives and secret identities. JJ is who she is, and she’s that person for all of Hells Kitchen to see.

MC: That almost seems like a meta-joke of these trailers: After her superhero stint has failed, all of Hells Kitchen gets to see her — except us, the viewers, so far.

As for the music: How sly is it that one “JJ” (Joan Jett) is used to effectively soundtrack the swagger of another “JJ” (Jessica Jones)? And how fitting is it that amid the bloody and the fallen — and close-ups of Jessica’s crimson knuckles — the tune they picked happens to also be Ronda Rousey’s walkout song?

Meanwhile, seems Netflix could continue this same dynamic — a mysterious-faced strongwoman who keeps smacking around appliances — for a whole series of teaser trailers. Next up: She strides into a Hells Kitchen quickie mart and spin-kicks the living daylights out of an air-conditioning unit, as Bow Wow Wow’s Annabella Lwin purrs, “I Want Candy.” Or delivers a fatal haymaker to a massage-parlor Roomba [cue Bikini Kill]. This has so many possibilities before the show debuts.

So, do we even need to see JJ’s face prior to the first episode?…

DB: These short, hide the face trailers have been great. But it’s making me want a real trailer each time.

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